• Looking forward to your visit Segip Shenzhen & Hotelex Shanghai

    We will take part in two Exhibition in May the Sigep China in shenzhen,China from 10-12th, May. 14-H12 the Hotelex in shanghai,China from 29th May-1st June 2-1C35 I would warmly welcome you if you can come and test our newest soft ice cream machines.
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  • PASMO S728 Is a frozen drink machine worth it for your business?

    PASMO S728 Is a frozen drink machine worth it for your business?

     better question might be… Do you want to increase profitability and decrease production times? The answer to that is surely yes!  In 2021 the frozen drink market was valued at well over $50 million and is growing at an annual growth rate of 6% per year. Frozen drinks are VERY popular with...
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  • PASMO S970F Commercial Stainless Steel Frozen Yogurt Machine Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

    * [STRONG FUNCTIONALITY]- Equipped With two large capacity hoppers, this ice cream machine maker adopts powerful compressors and radiators for long-term use. * [INTELLIGENT CONTROL]- The operation of the machine can be easily observed through the LCD display. This electric ice cream maker machin...
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  • A wonderful combination of soft ice machines

    A wonderful combination of soft ice machines

    In addition to being a staple of a boutique ice cream shop, if you’re a waffle shop, coffee shop, milk tea shop… Then congratulations, our soft ice machine will not only enrich your menu, but also get more revenue at a lower cost.   Waffle   Waffles with ice cream are a favorite...
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  • Commercial ice cream machine’s cooling systems

    The important factor to consider is how the commercial ice-cream machine is cooled. The type of cooling will have an impact on the machine’s performance and could potentially affect where you place the machine in your kitchen. Air-cooled commercial ice-cream makers use a vent system to pass hot a...
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  • Types of commercial ice-cream makers

    While fat and air content tend to differ between different styles of ice cream, most follow a similar production process. A commercial ice-cream machine mixes and freezes the ingredients to create the end product. This slow, constant mixing-and-freezing process causes the ice cream batter to expa...
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  • Best commercial ice-cream makers: Buyer’s guide(4)

    Water or Ventilation About the heat dissipation system of the machine, there can be roughly two types of atmosphere: water cooling and air cooling, Consumers can choose according to their actual situation. Water-cooled commercial ice-cream machines  require hookup to a cold-water line and a conne...
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  • Best commercial ice-cream makers: Buyer’s guide(3)

    Output This is the amount of product that an ice-cream maker produces per hour. The necessary output will vary depending on if you’re serving product directly from the machine or using the ice-cream maker to produce multiple flavours you’ll store for later use. From the number of flavors to the s...
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  • Best commercial ice-cream makers: Buyer’s guide(2)

    Capacity Similar to size (see below), capacity refers to how much product your commercial ice-cream maker can hold. Commercial ice-cream machine capacity is referred to in both gallons and litres. Capacity is important when deciding between models as higher-capacity machines cost more money so yo...
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  • Best commercial ice-cream makers: Buyer’s guide(1)

    The market size of the ice cream production industry increased year by year. This is excellent news if you’re thinking about opening a specialty ice cream or gelato store, adding ice cream to the menu of your restaurant or cafe, or installing a commercial ice-cream machine in your entertainment ...
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  • The real added value of original parts

    At Pasmo we don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality for our customers, which is why we make sure that every part used in our equipment is tested and stands up to the long lifetime we design into all our products. However, there can be some occasions where parts need replacing du...
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  • Boost business with a soft serve ice cream machine

    Serve up summer flavors with Pasmo ’s commercial soft serve ice cream machines.   Make sure to get the most from summertime:  add ice cream to your menu! No matter where your business is located, is it a restaurant or a  coffee shop, especially a ice cream shop, when temperatures  rise ev...
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