A wonderful combination of soft ice machines

In addition to being a staple of a boutique ice cream shop, if you’re a waffle shop, coffee shop, milk tea shop… Then congratulations, our soft ice machine will not only enrich your menu, but also get more revenue at a lower cost.





Waffles with ice cream are a favorite among European gourmets.

Cool, refreshing, romantic and unique, it is perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea! Ice cream with waffles adds some freshness, aroma and color to the traditional ice cream cone, which can increase our appetite.

The sweetness of the waffle blends with the freshness of the ice cream, and the crispy waffle edges of the crust collide with the fluffy insides, all of which blend perfectly with the ice cream.







   As with waffles, a soft croissant might work best with a       slice of cheese, ham, or egg on a regular basis, but have     you ever tried it with ice cream?


   Once you’ve tried it, you wish you had a piece of bread       every time you ate ice cream. The delicious ice cream         infiltrates the golden croissant and breathes evenly over     the delicate pores.








If you feel that coffee is too bitter or ice cream is too sweet,    then  Affogare will be the perfect combination of coffee shop    for this group of customers. 

Affogare, means to soak, to soak ice cream in espresso. both  the refreshing ice cream and coffee aroma, sweet and bitter      balance, layered mouth overlay, every bite will be enjoyed. 




Of course, ice cream is a versatile product, and there are many wonderful combinations. If you want to do a good job, you must first improve your tools. Come and buy your own money maker.


Post time: Sep-28-2022