Happy new years!2022 for ice cream machine

2022 happy new year pasmo

You there, our loyal dear acquaintances,

New years’day is just around the corner and 2022 is eager to get started!

Unfortunately, there are still many obstacles such as the ongoing pandemic, with all its economic restrictions and consequences, and they have been testing your and our patience.

But despite the current situation, we would therefore like to thank you for your loyalty and trust in us even under the many difficulties.

We strongly believe that our good intention to improve where necessary and to maintain and strengthen our precious relationship will soon help to overcome this pandemic!
And we would like to say that entering the new year together with you is what we at PASMO think is the best gift.

We thank you for your loyalty and trust this last year again.

Wishing you joyful holidays and a happy and healthy 2022.

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Contact : Sophia 008615868687299 sophia@pasmochina.com

Post time: Dec-29-2021