Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Soft Serve from OTT Ice Cream Machines


Merry Christmas!!!
May all your wish come true! And don’t forget to enjoy soft serve for your holidays!
If you ever think of soft serve, please try the ice cream made by our frozen yogurt machine.

We are professional in ice cream business and our machines includes frozen yogurt machine, ice cream machine, flurry machine, whipped cream machine and gelato machine. We also provide customers with related products such as ice cream cone, color changing ice cream spoons, ice cream paper cups and straws. Our frozen yogurt machine, ice cream machine, and gelato machine are constantly developed and produced under our research and development team which is an expert in the soft serve ice cream machine field.

As one of the leading manufacturer in ice cream field in China, our frozen yogurt machine ( ice cream machine), can produce soft serve for the first batch within 8-10 minutes. The frozen yogurt machine (ice cream machine) are suitable for all high-end market and are suitable for using the mix includes liquid material and ice cream powder.


We clearly know that the expansion rate of ice cream is the base of organization structure of ice cream. It is very important and necessary for the air to participate into this ice cream production procedure, which can prevent the ice cream frozen too hard, as well as ensure the soft and comfortable texture. The overrun of the soft serve from the OTT gravity feed frozen yogurt machine ( ice cream machine) is around 30-35%. With the technology of air pump, our frozen yogurt machine ( ice cream machine) can give the soft serve’s overrun up to about 70%. However, highest overrun doesn’t mean the best ice cream texture. The real overrun in both gravity and air pump machines should be adjusted based on the material property used in the machine accordingly.

All the OTT ice cream machine and frozen yogurt machine which produce soft serve can be easily operated. The functions of the ice cream machine are easy to understand and utilize. We will share the machine operational video as well as provide training face to face via online RVC(real time video).

OTT Industrial&Trading company can be your best choice for starting the ice cream business.
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Prepare to meet our newest machine soon.

Post time: Feb-02-2021