OTT launched CO2: Automatic commercial cream whipping machine, tap the unlimited potential of cream

(March 18th, 2020, Taizhou city) Taizhou Huangyan OTT industrial & trading Co.,Ltd launched the first commercial cream whipping machine C02 of Pasmo series, which pushes the powerful practicality of OTT series commercial kitchen appliances to a new height. There are a total of 10 gears to adjust the overrun rate, cream taste at your disposal. Pasmo Cream machine a multi-purpose, can produce milk cover, there are more wonderful and practical intelligent functions. Help you easily make professional grade cream, make a difference!


The outer shell of OTT C02 is made of matte stainless steel and the body is compact. It can continuously output cream, ready to use. The gear type air pump system is used to guarantee the forming stability. With its own pre-cooling fresh-keeping function, the room temperature storage life is longer, no need to use refrigerator. Ten gear overrun rate adjustment, can be used for milk cover, mousse, etc., many possibilities waiting for you to unlock.
OTT President Zhou Gaofeng said, “C02 is by far the most perfect baking cream solution. Thanks to the innovation in product concept and the continuous growth of technical ability of Pasmo, C02 will bring new product production experience for users, and tap the unlimited creative potential of cream together with users.



Omnipotence ensures quality
CO2’S Features and benefits
1.Easy to operate -Intuitive, convenient and fast operation, one-button operation.
2.Diversified product-The overrun rate can be adjusted according to customers’ need. The material can be automatically or manually
discharged . The automatic discharge time can be adjusted .
3 . High stability-Under normal and reasonable working conditions , the quality of the product is stable .
4.High standardization-The discharging volume can be set according to customers’ need.
5. Easy to clean-The cleaning process is very simple and time saving
C02 has passed 6 major and 35 minor professional tests.The equipment in different environments, insulation, production effect of strict control, according to the Italian standards to develop and design, to Ensure that every machine received by customers is durable.

Post time: Oct-13-2020