PASMO S930T ice cream vending machine soft serve hot selling machine ice cream

PASMO has abandoned the complex, unstable “piston” air pump in favor of a geared air pump that offers both performance and stability. As the air does not leak, the high pressure environment is formed inside the freezer,continuous freezer ice cream and the feeding efficiency is greatly improved.

Fast Freeze Down
Patented high efficiency heat ex-changer allows fast freeze down low energy consumption, with only 7-8 minutes to wait for the first ice cream. Clear display, simple operation
Innovative one-touch thaw function
Increases efficiency during cleaning by heating frozen product in cylinder, reduct the waiting time for freeze
Hopper Agitator
Maintain product consistency and prevent product separation

S930T, as commercial soft ice cream machine,  is a one production machine because it has one side pasteurization tanks, one motor, and one independent freezing cylinder. Meanwhile, As a ice cream self service machine, it can also achieve automatic making.


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Post time: Apr-20-2022