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  • PASMO S970F Commercial Stainless Steel Frozen Yogurt Machine Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

    * [STRONG FUNCTIONALITY]- Equipped With two large capacity hoppers, this ice cream machine maker adopts powerful compressors and radiators for long-term use. * [INTELLIGENT CONTROL]- The operation of the machine can be easily observed through the LCD display. This electric ice cream maker machin...
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  • PASMO outdoor hiking competition came to a successful conclusion.

    PASMO outdoor hiking competition came to a successful conclusion.

    On May, It is a good time to have an outing in spring.  Pasmo held a 10km hiking in May 7th, Along the Yongning River Greeway, enjoy the beautiful river scenery. Members compete fiercely in groups under the sun. Although the process is a little tired, all of mumbers completed this hiking, the qui...
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  • PASMO S930T ice cream vending machine soft serve hot selling machine ice cream

    PASMO has abandoned the complex, unstable “piston” air pump in favor of a geared air pump that offers both performance and stability. As the air does not leak, the high pressure environment is formed inside the freezer,continuous freezer ice cream and the feeding efficiency is greatly...
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  • PASMO S230F automatic 3 in 1 make tabletop soft serve ice cream machine

    PASMO S230F is a breakthrough soft serve ice cream machine designed according to a new philosophy that takes into account all the ergonomic, qualitative, and aesthetic needs of professional operators looking for modern equipment. Our ice cream machine is the excellent machine with advanced self d...
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    Description PASMO series ice cream machine is convenient to put on the table for it’s small body and it’s low-noise design make it extraordinary silent. Function:provides consumers with a healthy diet condition, absorb the beneficial nutrients in food. Fashion and exquisite appearance...
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  • Happy new years!2022 for ice cream machine

    Happy new years!2022 for ice cream machine

    You there, our loyal dear acquaintances, New years’day is just around the corner and 2022 is eager to get started! Unfortunately, there are still many obstacles such as the ongoing pandemic, with all its economic restrictions and consequences, and they have been testing your and our patien...
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  • Merry Christmas and Enjoy the Soft Serve from OTT Ice Cream Machines

    Merry Christmas!!! May all your wish come true! And don’t forget to enjoy soft serve for your holidays! If you ever think of soft serve, please try the ice cream made by our frozen yogurt machine. We are professional in ice cream business and our machines includes frozen yogurt machine, ic...
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  • High-performance OTT S111 catch on quickly in Shanghai International Baking Exhibition

    Shanghai International Baking Exhibition integrates product display, procurement and trade matching, brings together authoritative domestic industry associations and media, and has professional purchaser from more than 100 countries and regions to attend the exhibition. It is an annual event that...
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