Whipped cream machine

  • Cream Machine CO2

    Cream Machine CO2

    Pasmo Refrigerator commercial cream soap dispenser C02 CO6 whipped cream whipped cream maker machine
    air Pump whipped Cream Machine,Electric Whipped Cream Maker,Creamy Dessert Maker
    Simple use, easy for operating and cleaning
    Cream basin is easily removable for changing and cleaning.
    Customizing the texture of product with an overrun adjustment knob.
    90L huge production capacity meet almost all shop requests.
  • Whipping cream machine C02

    Whipping cream machine C02

    Pasmo C02 C06 cream whipping machines whipped cream maker machine
    Diversified product-The overrun rate can be adjusted according to customers' need. The material can be automatically or manually discharged . The automatic discharge time can be adjusted